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Everything is Energy. This is the one thing that science and spirituality agree on. Science and Spirituality are 2 faces of the same coin. Spirituality is a belief while science is proof of that belief. In recent years, various studies have been conducted to show that energy healing modalities do make a difference and they do heal and promote well-being. Science and Spirituality are not so different after all.

Quantum Healing Methods

Quantum Healing Methods (QHM) is a part of the new wave of healing modalities that create change from the quantum level of your being. It initiates healing, activates expansion and connection to the higher-self and other light beings that are here to assist you on your path. This is a comprehensive, deep, empowering, and effective modality that combines quantum healing hypnosis, fifth dimensional psychology, galactic expansion and healing, conscious soul coaching, and more.

It helps individuals clear deep trauma, unhealthy habits and patterns in life, Connect with “higher guidance and mission”. These sessions are 45 – 60 minutes each.

Single Session – $77.00

Package of 5 Sessions – $257.00

Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a hypnosis technique that goes beyond clinical hypnosis and can be more accurately described as a heart-based healing modality that allows you to access your inner wisdom, with the Practioner as a facilitator. Powerful healing can take place during a BQH session and can be a life-changing experience. Your inner wisdom and spiritual helpers are available to you during this process and each person’s journey is unique to them. You will be led to the most relevant time and place that best allows you access to wisdom for your current life situation and perceptions. You will gain insights that will help you to navigate and perhaps even change the course of your life.

BQH Session (4 Hours) – $155.00

Repeat BQH Session (2-3 hours) – $111.00

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is used for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It is life force energy that is channeled by a reiki practioner to heal the root cause of dis-ease. It unravels and releases the strands of energy that are entangled and stuck, promoting well being and healing.

Reiki can do no harm. It is a perfectly safe, simple and natural method to promote healing on all levels and can be learnt by anyone.

Session available online or in-person – $33.00


Meditation trains the mind to become more aware and focus attention. It has been used for thousands of years to access altered states of consciousness and requires regular practice. Someone once said, we meditate, not to get good at meditation but to get good at life. The states of calm and peace that meditation brings to one’s life can then be used in daily life to make centred and wise decisions.

Meditatation Course for 8 weeks with one to one classes once a week.

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