Cosmic Connections

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My husband and I have a business which deals with Industrial solutions and this is currently my full time job. It is a business that has been built around my husband’s passion for finding solutions for engineering problems especially in the water industry. I run all things finance and administration aspects of the business which is my first profession.
I love working here however I am also deeply curious about exploring my creativity. I am very blessed and grateful that this full time position allows me to play with my creativity. Over the years, my interests have varied from embroidery to soap and candle making and I have enjoyed these pursuits and continue to do so.
Creativity has allowed me to explore my multidimensional nature and in this pursuit, the realization that we are all multi-dimensional beings capable of so much more than we believe. My prayer for you is that you begin to explore your own multi-dimensional nature and in this quest, begin to truly understand yourself on a deep level.

I have shared some of projects here and I hope that you will find inspiration in them. If you are interested in ordering any of the items or would like to commission a custom made item then please send me an email.
Wishing you great fun exploring your creativity
Love and Blessings

Hand Crafted Soap

Custom Made Dream Catchers

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