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Devialini’s mission and passion are to help others heal themselves, through various healing modalities and discover their true selves along that healing journey. She trained in  Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system, Beyond Quantum HealingTM(BQH), Quantum Healing MethodsTM (QHM) and Meditation Practices.

She now offers in person and online sessions for all of these healing modalities and teaches meditation. She shares healing meditations and discussions on her YouTube Channel.

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What Clients Are Saying

Devi guided me through past life regression, healing, and receiving guidance from my guides in clarity and detail as if it were as simple as breathing. Her gentle and soft approach enfolded me and allowed no resistance of the mind. As fluid as water the necessary integration is tangible in my new awareness and experience of life.

Jennifer Rose

Devialini truly has such a beautiful gift. She is full of compassion, care, kindness, love, and a knowing of how to guide you through to experience what you're meant to in a session. I didn't have very many expectations going into the QHHT session, but I did know it would be quite powerful if I allowed myself to surrender.

Britt B

Being a healing practitioner myself, i 100% recommend Devia for any BQH session you might wish to book with her.
Devia has proven to expertly, gently and reassuringly guide me through both extensive preparation and integration steps and of course, the process itself.


I had the honor to work with Devi during a past life regression. This was so much more then I ever thought it could be. She helped me through so many blocks to prepare me for the regression. She took her time with me to make sure that I was fully ready to have the best experience possible.


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